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unsolved murders in texas 2020

unsolved murders in texas 2020

Edwina had been shot at close range in the head, and both their bodies had been dismembered and hacked apart in the bathroom. Including murder victims and individuals whose death is via natural causes or accident, approximately 40,000 decedents remain unidentified in the United States. Baby John Doe O. June Murlene Mo. While we dont know exactly how many Harris County murders have been committed in recent years, archived annual Uniform Crime Reports from the Federal Bureau of Investigation can shed some light on some accurate statistics. Her remains were exhumed in 2006 for analysis, however the maxilla and jaw bone were not found in the grave. A necklace with an arrowhead and turquoise stone design was also found on the girl's neck. Paramount/Getty Images. Her body was discovered alongside that of a man who was identified as Thomas Rodriguez, and her death had occurred hours prior to her discovery. He may have gone by the street name, "New York Billy". With a mailed bomb it's impossible to know who the killer really was. [44]. Catherine Davis Harold Jones Takesha Lareua . Unsolved cases mean mounting. She was found wrapped in a large plastic bag with a rag commonly used by mechanics inside, as well. Cheryl was killed first, which meant Andy had to look on helplessly and hear Cheryl scream in agonizing terror. Texas is a mysterious place. Jack the Ripper terrorized London. The decomposed remains of a Hispanic woman were found on a beach, scavenged by coyotes, on October 10, 2012, in South Padre Island, Cameron County, Texas. He was estimated to be in his 30s, was 5 feet 6 inches tall, and weighed 150 pounds. On Fatal stabbing of young Corpus Christi mother unsolved after 29 years In total, three attacks occurred on youngsters parked on lovers' lanes on the Texas side of town and. Additionally, the 2017 murder of Debarione Brandi Seals, the 1974 murder of Edward Edd Williams, the 2000 murder of Kenisha Shavonne Dixon, the 1997 murder of Erica Ann Garcia, and the 2019 murder of Elizabeth Barraza, can easily be found among the lists are unsolved murders Houston, Texas, which you may find on local law enforcement websites or on the Texas Rangers unsolved homicides website. On April 3, 1970, the partial remains of a young white male were discovered in a drainage culvert in Hewitt, Texas. Stories of the Unsolved March 12, 2022. About 1 of every 2 murders was solved. National Homicide Clearance Rate Dropped to Historic Low From 2019 to 2020, police across the country solved 1,200 more murders, a 14% increase. The man was estimated to be between 20 and 30 years old, was 5 feet 8 inches tall, and weighed 128 pounds. They didn't find that particularly unusual; however, just as one of the officers was about to close the door, he saw two heads staring back at him from the vegetable bin, which were that of Fred and Edwina Rogers. The 25-year-old store clerk child was gunned down in an overnight robbery. A few of the many northern Texas unsolved murders that are listed on various law enforcement websites include the 1993 murder of Kimberly Groseclose, the 1993 murder of Stephane Henderson, the 1990 murder of Derrick Jackson, the 1987 murder of Martha McGraw, and the 1996 murder of Evangelina Angie Cruz, among many others. Uncovered is where the most passionate true crime enthusiasts can learn from and teach others. Occasionally, homicide investigators may collect enough Harris County murders evidence to arrest and prosecute a murder suspect before taking them to their Harris County murders trial. There are far more Texas killers than you can imagine, who are often included within any list of serial killers in Texas or Texas serial killer lists. 2018. Cause of death could not be determined, however investigators are treating the case as a homicide. The Houston Police Department Homicide Division Cold Case Squad is requesting anyone with information about this murder to contact the Cold Case Squad at 713-308-3618 or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS. Since the 1970s, more than 30 young women and children have been found dumped along this remote stretch of highway, and some have been found in a 25 acre patch of land a mile from I-45 that has been dubbed "The Killing Fields." [12], A teenage female whose body was discovered approximately six hours after she died on October 31 or November 1, 1980. The progress made is largely due to advances in forensic technology, as well as the efforts and perseverance of law enforcement agencies even in the most difficult unsolved cases. Do you know of any other unsolved mysteries in Texas? Prior to. Angela Samota: 20-Year-Old College Student Murdered, Body Found Inside Off-Campus Apartment. Alkhenala Al-Fatah- March 9, 2020; 1200 block of Barnaby Terrace, SE, Demeitri Anderson- November 29, 2020; 4500 block of Benning Road, SE, Saige Ballard- June 11, 2020; 200 block of E Street, NE, Richard Bangura- August 9, 2020; 2400 block of Franklin Street, NE, Eric Barbour- January 26, 2020; Unit block of N Street, SW, Christopher Beckwith, Jr.- May 25, 2020; 1400 block of Fairmont Street, NW, Demetrius Benson- November 2, 2020; 3900 block of Minnesota Avenue, NE, Michael Bright- October 6, 2020; 1100 block of 45th Street, NE, Lagioria Brinkley- March 20, 2020; 1900 block of 16th Street, SE, James Brisbon- October 20, 2020; 300 block of 50th Street, NE, Marcos Brooks- September 18, 2020; 2300 block of Ainger Place, SE, Christopher Brown- August 9, 2020; 33rd Street and Dubois Place, SE, Malik Brown- March 6, 2020; 700 block of Quebec Street, NW, Tyree Brox- December 21, 2020; 5100 block of Bass Place, SE, Andy Bonilla- January 26, 2020; 2900 block of Sherman Avenue, NW, Antonio Burnett, Jr.- April 13, 2020; 3700 block of Hayes Street, NE, Malick Cisse- January 8, 2020; 1300 block of 7th Street, NW, George Coleman- June 27, 2020; 400 block of Mellon Street, SE, Troy Coleman- August 2 2020; 1800 block of Alabama Avenue, SE, Kim Cooke- August 26 2020; 5000 block of Jay Street, NE, Jamaul Crockett- November 5, 2020; 600 block of Lamont Street, NW, Arthur Daniels IV- October 1, 2020; 6200 block of 8th Street, NW, William Dismuke- July 19, 2020; 1100 block of New Hampshire Avenue, NW, Antwon Duncan- June 28, 2020; 2600 block of Birney Place, SE, Carmelo Duncan- December2, 2020; 5700 block of Southern Avenue, SE, KevinEaton- October 13, 2020; 3100 block of Buena Vista Terrace, SE, Kamonie Edwards- June 9, 2020; 1600 block of W Street, SE, Zenus Epps- March 25, 2020; 3500 block of A Street, SE, Nathaniel Ford- December 6, 2020; 2300 block of Hartford Street, SE, Brahem Furtick- November 27, 2020; 700 block of AtanticStreet, SE, Rayfone Gassaway- July 19, 2020; 3400 block of Stanton Road, SE, Barron Goodwin- February 12, 2020; 800 block of 51stStreet, SE, Sa'id Grey- August 12, 2020; 1300 block of Missouri Avenue, NW, Vincent Gyamfi- December 11, 2020; 1700 block of 29th Street, SE, Evrett Harris- July 10 2020; 2200 block of Newton Street, NE, Demetri Harvin- October 5, 2020; 1100 block of 1st Street, NW, Donika Hawkins- Septembet 17 2020; 1800 block of Alabama Avenue, SE, Saul Hernandez- October 18, 2020; 1400 block of Perry Place, NW, Franklin Hernandez-Arevalo- November 7, 2020; 3300 block of Water Street, NW, Eugene Hickson- July 8, 2020; 1700 block of Benning Road, NE, Timothy Hinton- June 21, 2020; 1400 block of Kenilworth Avenue, NE, Donelle Hodges- February 1, 2020; 3800 block of Minnesota Avenue, NE, Angus Houston- January 27, 2020; 1300 block of Congress Street, SE, Eugene Isaac, Jr.- February 15, 2020; 100 block of N Street, NW, Larkia Izlar- June 21, 2020; 1400 block of Kenilworth Avenue, NE, Martez Jackson- November 9,2020; 1400 block of Howard Road, SE, Yisa Jeffcoat- October 92020; 1600 block of WStreet, SE, David Jefferson- October 192020; 5000 block of Queens Stroll Place, SE, Edward Johnson- September 8, 2020; 600 block of N Street, NW, Markiese Johnson- March 9, 2020; 2200 block of Savannah Terrace, SE, Navarras Johnson- November 12, 2020; 1400 block of Tobias Drive, SE, William Johnson- April 7, 2020; 3200 block of G Street, SE, Carey Jones- June 30, 2020; 5000 block of Hanna Place, SE, Demetrius Jones- November 6, 2020; 1700 block of Gales Street, NE, Terrence Jones- March 9, 2020; 2200 block of Savannah Terrace, SE, Zymia Joyner- June 13, 2020; 3100 block of Waclark Place, SE, Robert Judd- June 26, 2020; Unitblock of New York Avenue, NW, Cimerron Kennedy- September 21, 2020; 3500 block of Jay Street, NE, Kayvon Kenny- May 24, 2020; 1800 block of Gainesville Street, SE, Taejuan King- April 9, 2020; 1200 block of 44th Place, SE, Anthony Lee- September 26, 2020; 2900 block of Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue, SE, Sheila Lucas- March 1, 2020; 1600 block of Savannah Street, SE, Malachi Lukes- March 1, 2020; 600 block of S Street, NW, Darnell Mack- October 10, 2020; 4500 block of Quarles Street, NE, David Miller- October 15, 2020; 1300 block of Alabama Avenue, SE, Eugene Miller- October 9, 2020; 2400 block of Elvans Road, SE, Richard Mitchell- May 31, 2020; 2500 block of Elvans Road, SE, Brea Moon- April 7, 2020; 3900 block of Alabama Avenue, SE, Raheem Murray- February 2, 2020; 4300 block of 3rd Street, SE, Stephan Nicholson- May 27, 2020; 1300 block of U Street, SE, Olga Ooro- July 17, 2020; 300 block of Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Anthony Orr- December 7, 2020; 400 block of Xenia Street, SE, Marquis Osborne- March 25, 2020; 1100 block of 4th Street, SW, Kareem Palmer- November 1, 2020; 1300 block of Mapleview Place, SE, Shalonte Pearson- December 2, 2020; 400 block of 61st Street, NE, Devin Peterson- July 19, 2020; 3600 block of 14th Street, NW, Bobby Plummer- October 5, 2020; 400 block of Orange Street, SE, John Pollard II- September 30, 2020; 3200 block of Hiatt Place, NW, Dymani Priestley- January 5, 2020; 1200 block of U Street, NW, Kevin Redd- June 11, 2020; 4700 block of JayStreet, NE, Anthony Riley- July 16, 2020; 100 block of Walnut Street, NW, Phillip Roache- September 17, 2020; 7000 block of Blair Road, NW, Charles Robinson- January 4, 2020; 2000 block of 19th Street, SE, KristonRobinson- March 25, 2020; 1600 block of 19th Street, SE, Miguel Romero- March 1, 2020; 4900 block of Nash Street, NE, Brandon Rose- September 20, 2020; 800 block of Kenilworth Terrace, NE, Rashad Scott- August 7, 2020; 1900 block of 6th Street, NW, Jordyn Simons- July 3, 2020; 1900 block of 18th Street, SE, Naseem Simpson- March 15, 2020; 3000 block of 14th Street, NW, Clarence Skrine- April 13, 2020; 700 block of Longfellow Street, NW, Cyhneil Smith- October 16, 2020; 300 block of 37th Street, SE, Tyrell Smith- May 29, 2020; 3000 block of 30th Street, SE, Gary Swinson- July 12, 2020; 3300 block of 15th Street, SE, Demetrius Sullivan- July 2, 2020; 1100 block of 46th Place, SE, Bryan Tate, Jr.- February 20, 2020; 1600 block of 18th Street, SE, Xavier Tate- January 5, 2020; 1400 block of 3rd Street, SW, LorraineThomas- October 30, 2020; 4200 block of 4th Street, SE, Nurudeen Thomas- July 21, 2020; 4100 block of 14th Street, NW, Wilfredo Torres- February22, 2020; 6000 block of 13th Street, NW, De'Mari Twyman- February28, 2020; 700 block of MonroeStreet, NE, Rashard Waldo- June 13, 2020; 3100 block of Waclark Place, SE, Marcus Wallace- November 21,2020; 1400 block of L Street, NW, Jeanette Walls- November 11, 2020; 4300 block of Wheeler Road, SE, Lamar Walters- January 6, 2020; 2400 block of FranklinStreet, NE, Anthony Ward- January 4, 2020; Unitblock of KStreet, NW, Christopher Washington- January 4, 2020; Unitblock of KStreet, NW, Aaron Watts- August 29, 2020; Unitblock of QStreet, NW, Senquea Whitley- July 13, 2020; 3800 block of Minnesota Avenue, NE, Shanika Williams- July 12, 2020; 800 block of 19th Street, NE, Trevon Williams- June 9, 2020; 1000 block of 15th Street, SE, DevonteWilson- December 3, 2020; 700 block of Morton Street, NW, Noelle Wilson- October 11, 2020; 2300 block of GreenStreet, SE, Duane Woolfolk- December 10, 2020; 3200 block of 23rd Street, SE, Clarence Wright- May 28, 2020; 3900 block of Minnesota Avenue, SE, Glenn Wright- October 27, 2020; 2800 block of GeorgiaAvenue, NW, Taijhon Wyatt- August 10, 2020; 5500 block of 9th Street, NW, Jose Antonio Yaxon Cuc- July 10, 2020; 4900 block of North CapitolStreet, NE, David Deandre Young- April 3, 2020; 3500 block of 22nd Street, SE, Jaime Zelaya- February22, 2020; 6000 block of 13th Street, NW. Detectives believe this was the work of a serial killer due to the sheer number of bodies found in the same area. He had received multiple stab wounds, both his hands had been removed and he had received extensive trauma to the face. As in any other state, the Houston murders discussion continues tirelessly on various social media platforms, presumably until all of the states murders are solved. As mentioned above, not only can you find murder statistics on various law enforcement websites, but you can also find a complete list of the number of unsolved murders in each state on the Project: Cold Case website. A man was arrested for the Doe's murder in September, 2007. Where can I learn more about crime in Texas? Veronica Ann Ta. The murdered include Richard Griffin and Polly Ann Moore, Paul Martin and Betty Jo Booker, and Virgil Starks. Four earrings were found in each ear; a ring with a clear stone, a ring without a stone, a silver chain, and two gold-colored necklaces were also found. Disappeared with no trace until their bodies were found murdered and dumped in fields and marshlands. The U.S. currently has 250,000 unsolved murders, a number that increases by about 6,000 each year, according to the FBI's Uniformed Crime Report data. As per the 2019 Uniform Crime Report (UCR) from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the violent crime rate in Texas was about 428.9 per 100,000 people. On 7 April 1959, 6-year-old Carol Ann Stephens ran up to her mother, Mavis, and happily told her she was going outside to play. Some believe that Charles was a CIA agent who was somehow involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, but of course, these claims can't be validated. Until the evening of September 6, 1991. On October 10, 1987, the decomposed body of a young white male was found in a field in an unincorporated area of Tarrant County, Texas, close to Benbrook Lake. Her hair was black and curly, approximately twenty inches long. Contents 1 "Mr. X" (1972) Netflix's rebooted version of Unsolved Mysteries is already on the path of, ahem, solving one of its more vexing cases. I couldn't even make it through a 6 minute episode. She was also found wearing a white blouse with a black and white checkered trim and "Classic Wear" printed on the left pocket, a pair of blue jeans, a pair of white tube socks, a pair of white 'Aerobixx-Traxx' brand hi-top sneakers, and a white 'Sergio Valente Quartz' brand watch with a blue plastic band. He had a healed injury to his nose and he was likely of muscular build, with a height between 5'2" and 5'5". SOLVED MURDERS; UNSOLVED MURDERS; UNIDENTIFIED PERSONS; . It appeared the man had been dragged outside of the club, possibly by a worker who had been cleaning up for the night. Jennifer Lennet. Up to 14 gay men were believed to have been murdered by "The Doodler" in the mid-'70s. Okmaestra , 12/23/2019. Investigators believe she was right handed. The murder spree, dubbed the Texarkana Moonlight Murders, started with the attack on 25-year-old Jimmy Hollis and his girlfriend, 19-year-old Mary Jeanne Larey, just before midnight on Feb. 22 . [24], On August 3, 1986, several persons in Crater Lake observed what appeared to be a body floating in the water. The victim may have had a drug history, as needle marks were visible on their arms. This has led to his nickname, "White Socks". If you live in Washington, D.C., barely 1 of 3 homicides have been solved. Henry Lee Lucas has been named as a potential suspect in this case,[13] although a bite mark found upon the decedent's shoulder was inconsistent with Lucas's dentistry.[14]. Noone was ever caught for these brutal murders and the families of all involved have never found answers to who killed their children and why. Some examples of the various cases in which Houston murders DNA or DNA from crimes that took place in other parts of Texas has been used to clarify unsolved cases include: the 1995 murder of Mary Catherine Edwards, the 1983 murder of Laura Marie Purchase, the 1974 murder of Carla Walker, the 1982 murder of Velma Nesset, and the 1984 murder of Claretha Coco Gibbs, among many others. Maybe you have the missing piece to the puzzle, or maybe you just like a good mystery. Finally, two of the few Houston, Texas, serial killers are Dean Corll, also known as The Candy Man, who killed at least 28 young men and boys from 1970-1973; and Carl Coral Eugene Watts, also known as The Sunday Morning Slasher, who was confirmed to have killed 12 Texas residents, but up to 100 total. We never know,. Kathryn Elaine . A pair of work eyeglasses with smoky-gray frames were also found near the body. An autopsy confirmed she had been held alive for two days, and during that time she had been sexually assaulted. We are currently updating this page with information. Houston, Texas, murders seem to occur more frequently than most, if not all, other cities in the state, probably due to Houstons size and population, as we can see from the Texas homicide clearance rate, which is around 74% according to Project: Cold Case. Inside, they found numerous slabs of washed, unwrapped meat stacked in an orderly fashion on the shelves, which they thought had come from a butchered hog. A distinctive feature about this female was that she had her make-up permanently tattooed on her eyebrows, eyelids and lips. She was initially suspected to be white, but admixture testing later proved she was of over 50 percent Sub-Saharan descent, most likely indicating she was African American. [45], On December 12, 2002, a survey crew discovered seven garbage bags full of various body parts in a construction site in Irving, Texas. New York City recorded about 500 homicides in 2020, compared with 319 in 2019, but both figures were far below the city's worst year, 1990, when there were more than 2,200. The waitress who spoke to her claimed the girl told her she was from the Aransas Pass/Rockport area but no missing persons were reported in that area around the time of her death. We remain committed to your safety and sense of safety. Christopher Reese's 2014 murder in Notus, Idaho remains unsolved. While theres no exactway of knowing how many murders in Texas 2021 or how many murdersin Houston, Texas, 2021, we can estimate that, based on archival records, the homicide rate and violent crime ratein both Houston and Texas as a whole appear to be growing every year. They felt certain that the abductor knew the area well since the abandoned lot was popular for young kids to play at. [27], On November 15, 1987, the skeletal remains of a young white/Hispanic male were found in some tall grass near the north shore of the Twin Buttes Reservoir in Tom Green County, Texas. Romeo Sanchez, was accused of stabbing the victim to death while fighting with the victim inside of the bar. Four partially deflated balloons were discovered tied to the tree above Cheryl's head, and a $20 bill was on the ground next to her. Some examples of the most gruesome murders which you can find on their list of unsolved murders include the 1998 abduction and murder of Brittany Locklear, the 2000 murder of Keke Jefferson-Moore, the 2001 murder of Michelle Howard, the 1992 murder of Tammy Zywicki, the 1994 murder of Melissa Witt, the 2017 murder of Brandi Seals, and the 1985 The best hidden gems and little known destinations - straight to your inbox. While he was arrested for car theft, he was never convicted of murder. Calvin Engram- 2020-506810. MPD/CID. 2017 . On 09/25/2021, at approximately 11:30am, the suspect burglarized the victim's home located in the 12200 block of China Lake Drive in Dallas. He had been stabbed to death. Henry Lee Lucas claimed to have been responsible for the murder, however his confession is not considered to be plausible. Multiple items were stolen, including firearms. The killer attacked eight people within ten weeks, five of whom were killed. To view most recent cases click here. August 1 . He was between 35 and 50 years old, was approximately 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighed between 195 and 200 pounds. There are approximately 19,207 unsolved homicides in the state of Texas. They're now working to connect him to the second burglary. Alabama has the second-highest murder rate of 12.9 murders per 100,000 residents. Apparently he was nearly decapitated, and the police also found a golf club and three golf balls lined up in a row pointing to Cheryl's body. The first two victims, Jimmy Hollis and Mary Larey, as well as the last victim, Katie Starks, survived, but were wounded severely. New Orleans has a murder rate of about 37 per 100,000 residents, one of the highest of any U.S. city, followed by Baton Rouge with a murder rate of 35.1. [2], A white or Hispanic male between 15 and 18 years old was found buried in a Harris County boat shed in August 1973. Investigators suspect he may have resided in the nearby caravan park or was possibly employed as a handyman. During the incident, the suspects forced entry into the location causing damage totaling approximately $1,500. [19], On August 12, 1985, the body of a Hispanic female aged between 16 and 35 was found inside a vacant store. Investigators believe that the skull belonged to the unidentified woman, however when DNA testing was done on the skull in 2015, it was determined that it belonged to a different person. Photographs were taken of the bones prior to her burial, though. Type above and press Enter to search. [9] DNA testing conducted in 2008 did not match any missing person report. Some of the unsolved murders in Houston, Texas, include the 1980 double murder of Andrew and Estella Salinas, the 1974 murder of Edward Edd Williams, the 2000 murder of Kenisha Shavonne Dixon, the 1997 murder of Erica Ann Garcia, and the 2019 murder of Elizabeth Barraza, which can also be found on the Uncovered website. But murders rose twice as quickly by 30%. One of the threads in these unsolved cases is that sometimes the authorities know who the killer is, but they don't have the legal evidence to put them behind bars. This is also more than twice the rate nationwide. A female between 17 and 26 was discovered in Kendall County, Texas, on March 6, 2010. The old wives tale says that the crazy people come out at night, these killings give new credence to that saying. She had been killed by two blows to the head, which caused skull fractures. A pair of athletic shoes and an unfired .32 caliber cartridge were also found with the body. He was estimated to be between 25 and 40 years old, was approximately 6 feet 1 inch tall, and weighed between 140 and 150 pounds. Click on any name below for details on a particular case and download the PDF flyer. South Padre Island, Cameron County, Texas, List of unidentified murder victims in the United States, List of United States representatives from Texas, List of Farm to Market Roads in South Texas, "Cold Cases Go Online, with Respect for Victims", "Is Bobby French the Last Unidentified Victim of Serial Killer Dean Corll? Based on these archived reports, there were 92 murders in Harris County in 2016, 92 in 2017, 86 in 2018, and 97 in 2019. He was estimated to be between 35 and 45 years old, was approximately 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighed between 150 and 165 pounds. [41] The woman had been shot at close range in the head. The bags which contained the man's body parts came from two stores, "Carnival Food Store" and "Fiesta Food Store". There's no way to track or locate the killer. She was estimated to be between 15 and 22 years old, was 4 feet 11 inches tall, and weighed between 78 and 95 pounds. In addition to the Golden State Killer case, the BTK murders stumped and fascinated investigators as well as Americans for several decades. He disappeared and was declared dead ten years later in 1975. The 1993 murder of Kimberly Groseclose, the 1993 murder of Stephane Henderson, the 1990 murder of Derrick Jackson, the 1987 murder of Martha McGraw, and the 1996 murder of Evangelina Angie Cruz are just a few examples of some of the unsolved murders in northern Texas which you can find on the websites of several local and statewide law enforcement organizations, as well as within the database being built by Project: Cold Case. Her boyfriend Andy was found tied to a tree with his throat also slashed. Residual pink/red nail polish was found on her hands, and there was evidence that she was a nail-biter. He was exhumed in 2015 in order to analyze his DNA and make a forensic reconstruction. On June 23, 1965, police got a call from a man named Marvin, the nephew of Edwina Rogers, who was one of the victims in the crime. We believe the more resources we can provide to digital volunteers and citizen solvers mean more citizen detective communities. The Unsolved Murder of Jason MacCullough (1999) - Dartmouth, NS (Interview with Vanessa Clark) On Saturday, August 28, 1999, 19-year-old Jason MacCullough was shot in the back of the head while walking home in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. After the man was killed, it appeared that he was tied to two cinder blocks with an electrical cord and then deposited in the lake. Dean Edwards, 43, was shot in Betts Park in Penge, south-east London, in the early hours of 12 July 2020. In 2020, the murders of White victims were about 30% more likely to be solved than in cases with Hispanic victims, and about 50% more than when the victims were Black, the data show. Her eyes were also brown. In most of these cases, the murders remain unsolved. ngel Maturino Resndiz, a serial killer, confessed to her murder, claiming he had also killed the woman's boyfriend, whose remains are yet to be found. [29], The skeletal remains of a male between the ages of 27 and 38 were found on October 3, 1988, in Georgetown, Williamson County, Texas, near an RV park. Texas is home to ancient people who drew on cave walls. He wore a motorcyclist's jacket and a white and gray striped shirt, along with corduroy jeans, loafers, and a belt with a multi-colored buckle. He had dark brown hair and a possible case of mild spina bifida. In October of 2004, a brutal murder took the lives of four. A few of these strange disappearances include the 2013 disappearance of Brandon Lawson, the 2010 disappearance of Pauline Diaz, and the 2006 disappearance of Brandi Wells are some of the most infamous Texas murders and well-known disappearances which currently remain unsolved. steel division: normandy 44 guide,

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